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There are many technologies that meet the needs of CI/CD solutions, but most of them are not built to work in containerized environments and may not fit Microservices architecture. Tekton is an open-source Kubernetes-native CI/CD framework that allows you to automate deployments on multiple platforms (Kubernetes, Servless, VMs, etc.).

But what about the “Openshift Pipelines”?

Openshift Pipelines is a CI/CD solution based on the open source Tekton project which provides a CI/CD experience through integration with OpenShift.

For more details check the docs.

This is an example to demonstrate how an integration of Tekton VSCode Plugin, Quarkus , Tekton and Openshift Pipelines can be very productive for Developers.

  • Development Environment, work in your application code and monitor the pipeline run in the same screen:

  • Follow up the PipelineRun progress at Pipeline View in Developer Mode at Openshift 4.2+:

  • Let the microservice dependencies be automatically created and deployed by it own pipeline. The application is created using Quarkus by Burr Sutter and can be found at

Pre Requisites

To run this demo, below are the tools that must be installed:

How to run

In your cluster create a project called demo:

oc new-project demo

Clone the project:

git clone
cd tdc-tekton

Create the service and route:


Create the pipeline objects:


Create the pipeline run:


Check your project route with the following command:

oc get route -n demo 
NAME      HOST/PORT                                     PATH   SERVICES   PORT   TERMINATION   WILDCARD
tdc-app          tdc-app    http                 None

Access the route and you should check the application running.