What is MLAB?

MLAB is a proprietary software for microbiology laboratory technician in hospital to keep tracking lab's workloads and data in local database. The original version was born in 1983 and programmed with FoxproX on DOS. It is still uses since then in many hospitals, with a small team of programmers supporting and they are keep improving it.
The down side are it needs to run in a virtual machine to operate DOS which consumes more resources than it should be, and the difficulty to maintain DOS application in the current day is increasing by time, and with scarcity of reference documentations.

You can read more about the original MLAB here.

Introduce to MLAB X

MLAB X is a new improved version of original MLAB, redesigned from the ground up to run on x64 architecture with modern standards such as IPC (inter-process communication) like internal message, ISO datetime, etc. Those are typical borderline in software.
MLAB X is still an edge computing system like original MLAB.